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Get paid on time, every time.

Welcome to a masterclass on all things invoicing and accepting payments. Stop chasing after clients and late payments. Learn how to create and send invoices that get paid, period.

Chase new projects.
Not overdue payments.

What if you could stop chasing clients to pay you?

What if you could get paid faster?

What if you could get a clearer picture of your business’s cash flow?

Hi! My name is Ben Burns.

I’m the author of The Perfect Proposal and The Complete Case Study, I am the Digital Director of Blind, and I’m the guy who went from selling logos for $50 to $30,000 (we sell logos for a lot more now, btw).

This is (another part of) my story.

I typically start these pages out with a personal story. And believe me, I truly wish I didn't have a hard lesson about getting paid... but I do.

I've been through it all: from clients disappearing with my work (and their checkbook) to a client claiming a fraudulent charge on their credit card... eight months after I finished the job.

And you know what? I wasn't alone. All of my designer, developer, and copywriter friends seemed to have a similar story! I didn't understand why some clients seemed to disregard creatives.

If you've been burned like I have, you know exactly how this feels: a mixture of embarrassment and shame followed and fueled by self-righteous rage.

I got sick of having that feeling... and wound up not trusting my clients before we even began.

Something had to change.

I began to investigate how 'real' businesses billed their clients, and stumbled into the deep well of invoicing. What I discovered was a tried-and-true process for creating invoices, sending them, and following up with your clients that I've used successfully for years. I just wish I knew this stuff sooner.

You've probably heard this from me before, but I learn by getting punched in the face... and that's a pain I want to help each and every one of you prevent. That's why I'm here. That's why I do this.

The toolkits (and books) I write are easy to use, immediately practical, and full of examples and worksheets. Paid In Full (my third toolkit) is no different. Over 7,000 creatives have invested in these toolkits. Here is what a few people have said about my first product, The Perfect Proposal:

The Perfect Proposal Tweet The Perfect Proposal Tweet The Perfect Proposal Tweet

Invoicing the right way makes everyone’s life easier.

Unless you're working exclusively on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer, you've sent an invoice before. But the question we need to answer is: "Am I doing this the right way?"

I’m sure you’ve been through one of these scenarios:

  • You received a late payment
  • You finished a project without getting paid
  • A client flipped pricing around halfway through the engagement
  • You lost track of which clients paid what

Any one of these cases can totally take a hit on your business and your creative spirit. I know because it happened to me more than a few times when I was growing my own business.

This is where Paid In Full shines: it’s literally a masterclass where you'll learn how to create a great invoice template and develop a sending and follow-up process that works for you and your business. You’ll be able to:

  • Send invoices in a way that gets client buy-in
  • Keep yourself and your finances organized
  • Know your cash flow in and out
  • Get paid faster, or right on time
  • Automate your follow-up process

Money can be an intimidating subject for some, but when you have an invoicing process that’s completely your own, understanding your business's cash flow and keeping track of payments becomes a total breeze.

Getting paid shouldn't be complicated.

If you did the work and you and the client agreed on a price, you need to get paid. Plain and simple.

With the guidance packed into this kit, you’ll have the confidence and preparation to make sure clients don’t fall short on their end of the deal.

Ready to get started?

When you are finished with Paid In Full, you’ll learn how to make sure you get paid on time, structure your business for great cash flow, and even improve your client relationships. This guide shows you everything you need to know from creating your invoices to streamlining your billing process. Plus, you’ll get:

  • A blank, customizable invoice template in .PDF and .INDD formats
  • A burn-rate worksheet to help you calculate your cashflow
  • Email templates for sending invoices
  • Email templates for following up on invoices

If you’re ready to improve your cash flow, organize your income, and spend less time wondering when your next check will come in, Paid In Full is for you.

Order Paid In Full Today:

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Stop worrying about getting paid on time—or at all.

Get investment and commitment from clients from the get-go, and hold them accountable when they don’t follow through. This all-in-one toolkit will have you generating positive cash flow effortlessly.

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Minimize Errors Craft custom invoice templates and communication processes that work for you.
Feel Confident Build great client relationships and get financial commitment from the start.
Worry Less Stop worrying when your clients will pay. Automate your invoicing and follow-ups.
Be Prepared Have your invoicing policy and process in place before the client asks.

Get to know the author

Ben Burns | COO, The Futur

Ben Burns is a brand strategist, an award-winning designer, and a successful entrepreneur. As the Digital Director of Blind, he leads at the intersection of design and technology for our clients.

Ben oversees most of the business development at Blind, and is responsible for closing millions of dollars in new business, with an average engagement size of over $150,000.

Prior to joining the team at Blind, Ben founded Burnt Creative, a brand experience agency in Richmond, Virginia. He also served on the executive board of the Richmond AIGA chapter as Vice President.

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If you accept payments from clients, this is for you.

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What value will this bring to my team and I?


You’ve got plenty to juggle, and you definitely don’t want your payments to be disorganized. The right invoice can:

  • Speed up the billing process (yep, even for agencies)
  • Create an organized record of your income
  • Demonstrate your professionalism to clients
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Whether you’re hiring contractors or running the ship completely solo, the right invoice can make a difference in your business’s growth:

  • Ensure on-time payments from clients
  • Generate positive cash flow
  • Learn how to follow up on invoices without destroying your client relationships
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Studio Owners

It may be time to look into your team's invoicing process—especially if you notice clients paying well after the due date. With Paid in Full, you can:

  • Educate your team how to send invoices the right way, every time
  • Gain clarity of your business’s cash flow
  • Delegate following up on invoices in a way that helps the relationship - not hurts it
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Join over 1,000 other students and get started now!

Ready to get paid on time, every time?

Welcome to a masterclass on all things invoicing and accepting payments. Stop chasing after clients and late payments. Learn how to create and send invoices that get paid, period. Included in this toolkit:

  • 86-Page Guidebook
  • Invoice Templates
  • Example Invoices
  • Pasteable Email Templates
  • Bonus: Cash Flow Worksheet
  • Bonus: One-Hour Webinar

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the deal with the preorder?
Most of the toolkit has been written and designed. But before we invest more time into a product, we always prelaunch in order to make sure it's something that you all want us to make! By doing things in an iterative, user-centric way, we make great products and you have the chance to help us along the way. Did we mention there's a secret webinar just for early birds?
I'm not a graphic designer. Does this apply?
That depends. Do you work with clients? If so, you're going to love this. We've had architects, UI/UX designers, brand strategists, business coaches... even plumbers (weird, right?!) get amazing value from products just like this. Try it.
Is this a course?
Yes and no. While the core content is made up of several downloadable files, there is an educational component and a template component. I wanted this product to be highly actionable and tactical.
How long do I have access to the material?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this material for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the material?
I'm pretty sure you're going to love it. By policy, we don't accept refunds on digital goods. But if you're really unhappy, shoot an email to [email protected] and send in your proposal that you've created with the provided materials. We'll be able to work something out.

Ready to take control of your invoicing and get paid like a pro?

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