Motion Design: Style Frames

Learn the fundamentals of creating dynamic style frames that tell compelling stories, and take your motion design to the next level with Matthew Encina.

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Make Better Style Frames

From foundation to final details, Matthew shares insights from his decade of experience as a creative director, animator, and designer. Learn the fundamentals of creating dynamic style frames that tell compelling stories, and take your motion design to the next level.

Whether you're a practicing motion designer or an aspiring one, this course breaks down the techniques and terminology used to create style frames for pitches and visual development.

7 Modules. Hours of Content.

Introduction – What are style frames? How are they used?

01 Story & Composition – Matthew breaks down the basic techniques of narrative sequencing, camera framing, perspective, hierarchy, lines, lighting, and contrasts.

02 Mood Boards – Matthew goes over mood boards, the pre-cursor style frames. Learn how to search for and curate images to define your target aesthetic, before you detail your designs.

03 Gathering Assets – Continuing the art of search, Matthew walks through the importance of finding the right assets needed to create your frame.

04 Compositing & Painting – Watch as Matthew shares his process of creating a detailed style frame in Photoshop.

05 - Finishing Touches – Matthew shows you his finishing tips and techniques to make your frames pop.

06 - Pitch Deck Example – To see where style frames fit into a pitch process, Matthew breaks down an example deck to show how he uses style frames and other elements, to sell his vision to clients.

Bonus Materials Included:

- PDF's of the class material

- Layered photoshop files to deconstruct

- Links to recommended books and videos

Matthew Encina
Matthew Encina

Your Instructor

Matthew Encina is an award-winning creative director at Blind, where he focuses on brand strategy, interactive experiences, and video content. His clients include Fortune 500 brands, music artists, emerging tech companies and video games. For over a decade he has been working on top-tier campaigns at some of Los Angeles’ premier design studios and agencies.

Matthew's work has been featured in Fast Company, Inc., Rolling Stone, Creativity, The Wall Street Journal, and in film & design festivals around the world. Career highlights include his three-time Webby award-winning interactive music video “Ink” for Coldplay, and the CLIO award-winning “Jump Ahead” film for Xbox.

To help creatives level-up, Matthew regularly contributes to The Futur – where he creates educational content on pitching, design, and animation. He has also been invited to speak at international conferences including Graphic Manila and TEDxCSLUB.


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