Lettering 01

Develop expertise and confidence by immersing yourself in the history, process, and techniques to master the skill of lettering.

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For the Typography Enthusiast

Practicing Graphic Designers

Stand out among your peers and give your portfolio the extra edge by perfecting your lettering skills. Pick up in-depth knowledge about the structure of letterforms and how to craft them, from a design master. Nils teaches you the proper way to go from sketch to vectorizing.

Aspiring Graphic Designer

If you’re just starting out, this class will guide your through the entire process of creating custom lettering. From foundational knowledge, to initial sketch, all the way through digitizing your work as a perfect vector asset.

Learn to See Typography Like You’ve Never Seen it Before.

The best way to do learn the origin, rational and logic of typography is to draw type.

Course - Learn from high-quality lectures.

Downloadables - Download class materials and worksheets.

Assignments - Practice with exercises to improve your skills.

Complete Process - Follow along from sketch to digitization.

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Nils Lindstrom
Nils Lindstrom

Your Instructor

Nils is a master graphic designer with expertise in hand lettering, decorative type and custom font design. He has deep experience in identity systems, branding, logotype design and packaging. Letterform instructor of 30 years at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California.

  • Father of 5 children, Grandfather to 11 keeps him busy and happy.
  • Graduated Art Center College of Design 1980
  • President of Lindstrom Design from 1981 – 2006
  • President of PhD Studios 2006 – 2012
  • Member of New York Type Directors Club
  • Faculty Art Center College of Design 1987 – present


What you will achieve

01. Create A Logotype From Scratch

In this course, you’ll go through the entire process of creating a logotype. Starting with hand drawing, customization, refinement and through the digitizing process, to create a finalized vector logotype.

02. Sound like a professional

Learn the history and terminology every design professional should know. Understand type anatomy and the rules that make up beautiful letterforms.

03. Hand drawing skills

Learn the tools and strategies to draw type precisely. Working through the exercises trains your body to replicate and create letterforms that are balanced and harmonious.

04. Typography Sense

Learn how to see typography. Understand letter spacing, weights, and the relationship between letters to know how to set and design beautiful typography.

05. Manipulate Typographic Forms

Learn the rules of how to properly add weight, condense, expand, or italicize type by hand.

06. Make Perfect Curves

Learn the eight rules for making beautiful curves. Whether drawing by hand or in Adobe Illustrator, Nils walks you through the concepts and techniques to create perfect, flowing curves.


"This course has been really helpful for me regarding digitizing my hand-drawn letterforms. It has also helped me understand how to add decorative elements around my letterforms, in a technical and precise way. There are great tips for lefties too!"

Emanuele Ricci

Hand Lettering Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

Join over 1,000 other students and get started now!


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