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Get weekly face time with The Futur and join an exclusive community of creative entrepreneurs.


Share, learn and grow together.

Looking for your people? We know where to find them.

The Futur Pro group is an exclusive and thriving community of creative entrepreneurs sharing their daily challenges and finding real solutions from their peers and from us.

With over 200 members, by joining this tight-knit group, you will immediately expand your network of people to learn from and collaborate with. Agency owners, designers, marketers, writers, developers and so on. And from all corners of the world.

Weekly face time with The Futur.

As a member of The Futur Pro Group, you’ll get access to our weekly video calls where you can ask any of us (including Chris Do) questions, and get them answered right then and there.

Better yet, you will also gain entry to a library of over 120 hours of previous Pro Group video calls covering topics like strategy, pricing, sales, marketing, project management and a whole lot more.

These calls and recordings are exclusive to The Futur Pro Group—you won’t get them anywhere else.

Why do people join The Futur Pro Group?

To stay connected

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. In this group, you’ll find people at all levels. All the way from college students to agency owners. And like we said, from all over the world.

For accountability

Holding yourself accountable can be tricky when you’re the boss. It’s a lot easier when you have over 200 people ready to hold your feet to the fire.

To find a better way

Trial and error are good, if you have the time and the patience. But there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Find strength in numbers by using this community to help you smash your big goals.

Lets talk perks.

On top of all the wonderful things discussed up above, The Futur Pro Group also comes with a few perks.

Lunch on us.
In Los Angeles and want to grab lunch? Join us, we’re buying.

Visitor pass.
Want a tour of our offices or need some place to work for the day? We got you.

Priority access.
Interested in an event we're throwing? We'll save you a seat.

Event discount.
Want to save a few bucks on that event. You qualify.

Did we mention free courses?

As if we couldn’t make joining The Futur Pro Group any better, we'll throw in two of our best lectures for free: You’re A Business Not A Freelancer ($69) and Social Media Marketing ($49).


What members have to say

“First of all I have got to say I am blown away by the content and knowledge that goes through the Futur Pro Group. Its utterly inspiring and I feed off it everyday. Been a member a while now and just want to say you guys are all great.”

- Ben C.

“Being part of the pro group has made me rethink all the limiting beliefs I had around my design business. I’ve raised my prices, created better systems and, thanks to Chris and the team, can see what’s truly possible.”

- Abi L.

“In my short time being here, I've really enjoyed the clear pathways to learning in the academy, and the ability to jump ahead to content that is relevant to the current stage of business I'm in.

Also, the supportive online community is incredible. I've already connected and gotten a lot of value from meeting my PPP and have posted in the group several times, each one receiving incredibly supportive responses.”

- Kym S.

Still on the fence?

Okay, let’s recap. Here is everything you get by joining The Pro Group:

  • Access to an exclusive community of professionals
  • Weekly face time with Chris Do and The Futur leadership
  • 120+ hours of coaching calls and decks
  • Free Lecture - You’re A Business Not A Freelancer ($69 value)
  • Free Lecture - Social Media Marketing ($49 value)
  • Exclusive Pro Group meet ups
  • Lunch on us
  • Free pass to visit our offices
  • Priority for limited seating events
  • Discounts on Futur events
  • Early access to new products and beta-releases

Ready to level up?

Congratulations. We’d love to have you. Here’s how joining works:

  1. Click “Enroll in Course” and purchase
  2. You’ll be emailed instructions on how to join the secret group
  3. Join the group, introduce yourself and tune into the next call
  4. You’ll be billed every month on the same date you joined

Chris Do
Chris Do

Your Instructor

Chris Do is an Emmy award winning designer, founder and CEO of Blind, Inc., where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company.

Mr. Do currently serves on the board and is an advisor for organizations including: AIGA/LA, Emmys Motion & Title Design Peer Group, Otis Board of Governors, Saleshood, Santa Monica College and Woodbury University.

He received his BFA from Art Center College of Design in Graphics/Packaging, where he has taught Sequential Design for over a decade. He’s lectured at: California Institute of the Arts, LA Art Institute, Siggraph, Otis College of Design, MGLA, Cal State Los Angeles/Northridge and San Diego City College.

Prior to forming Blind, Mr. Do worked at Cole & Weber, Seattle as an Art Director, Epitaph Records as a designer and freelance designer at broadcast design firm, Novocom and R/GA LA under Kyle Cooper on main titles such as The Island of Dr. Moreau, Celtic Pride and Eraser.

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